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1st Annual Bags Tournament

WHEN: Starting July 1st at 12:00 PM (Registration to start at 11:00–11:45 AM)

WHERE: Linn County Fairground

WHO: Open to any age

COSTS: $20 per team

1st = $200 per team
2nd = $150 per team
3rd = $100 per team
(Location will be behind the Beer Tent on the track)

Match Rules

1. First team to 21 wins, win by 2 (no going backwards if you go over) No bounces
2. 27′ spacing between boards
3. 3 Point s in the hole, 1 on the board ‐ cancelling points
4. 1st Game will flip a coin to decide who throws to start the game
5. Team who scored last points throws first after start
6. Team who won previous game starts next game
7. Must throw bag behind front of board
8. 32 Team Double Elimination

To REGISTER, fill out and submit the sign up form.
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