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About The Linn County Fair Association

The Linn County Fair Association is made up of the Fair Board and the Associate members. There are 18 Fair Board Members who are elected by the Fair Association to run for three year terms. To be eligible to run for a Board Member, an individual must be an Associate member for three years. To become an Associate member, click here.

Association Officers

Albert Martin
President and Vendor Manager
Email Albert
Jennifer Dunn
Vice President
Email Jenn
Kim Harford
Secretary and Security
Email Kim
Deb Zumbach
Treasurer and Rental Manager
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Board Members

Dan Abel
Yon Abel
Charlie Bach
Bud Blackford
Kris Blackford
Susan Clarke
Kathy Clemens
Tim Clemens
Jenn Dunn
Steve Enabnit
Kim Harford
Albert Martin
Justin Martin
Stephen Martin
Ryan Sieck
Heidi Steffen
Deb Zumbach

Associate Members

Aaron Balderston
Kevin Banasik
Bret Blackford
Dana Blackford
Leann Bowman
Mike Clemens
Jean Dunn
Mike Eilers
Logan Graham
Anita Haugenbury
Molly Hogan
Jesse Martinson
Judie Martinson
Brandy Meisheid
Michael Meisheid
Mary Michels
Britt Nielsen
Lori Osterkamp
Dave Paris
Josh Rich
Sara Ries
Carrie Robertson
Joel Rochleau
Bill Sloan
Cletis Sloan
Kyle Sloan
Chad Steffen
Allison Zumbach
Louie Zumbach


Tris Langdon
Ron Pflughaupt

Our Misson

The mission of The Linn County Fair Association is to provide opportunities for 4-Her’s, FFA members and the youth of Linn County to showcase their accomplishments and talents in a safe family atmosphere while providing activities, entertainment and learning opportunities to the diverse citizens of Linn County and guests.

Our goal as The Linn County Fair is to provide cost effective entertainment & educational activities for the guests of The Linn County Fair. This includes free gate and parking for all attendees.

We have grown by 480% since 2006!

  • June 22nd -June 27th, 2016: Estimated 36,000
  • June 24th -June 29th, 2015: Estimated 39,000
  • June 25th -June 30th, 2014: Estimated 41,000
  • June 26th -July 2nd, 2012: Estimated 38,000
  • July 6th -11th, 2011: Estimated 35,000
  • July 7th -12th, 2010: Estimated 25,000
  • July 8th-13th, 2009: Estimated 21,000
  • July 11th-17th, 2008: Estimated 16,000
  • July 6th-12th, 2007: Estimated 12,500
  • July 7th- 13th, 2006: Estimated 7,000

Learn More About The Fair

Click on the video to find out more about the fair and what it has to offer our community!